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Code EAN 13 : 9788425221873

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décembre 2007
Kazuhiro Kojima

The Japanese architect Kazuhiro Kojima, in partnership with Kazuko Akamatsu in the office C + A, works with rather unusual strategies as the driving force of his projects. Kojima doesn't use form as a starting point-instead, his buildings are the outcome of situating space itself at the centre of discourse, plus concepts linked to the fluidity and instability of the phenomena that go to form a building. The fluidity and instability of life and of space itself are concepts rooted in the traditional Japanese culture Kojima reinterprets and manipulates in a contemporary way. The outside of one of his buildings is, therefore, the secondary expression of what has given rise to the inside.

In his text 'Fluid direction', included in this issue of 2G, Kojima explains the parameters that configure these design strategies, parameters such as wind, light, sound, water, the movement of the users and the very flexibility of the programmes of needs, which links up with the physical conditions of the surroundings in order to finally take on material form in interior spaces of great richness and complexity.

The projects shown in this volume of the magazine 2G seek to illustrate the strategies used by Kojima, their interrelation and their evolution over time. Especially noteworthy are his projects for multifamily housing, in which he develops the Space Block system of stacked volumes in order to generate spatially interesting apartments, and his projects for schools, in which the user is transformed into the prime mover of spaces that are deliberately ambiguous and open to interaction.

Sommaire :

In praise of light. Notes on the architecture of Kazuhiro Kojima by Peter Ebner

Works and Projects:
Space Block Kamishinjo, Osaka
Hakuo High School, Kurihara
Himuro House, Hirakata
Tsuda Veterinary Clinic, Hirakata
Space Block Hanoi Model, Hanoi
SOHO Villas, Beijing
Research Centre for Advanced Science and Technology, Tokyo
Liberal Arts & Science College, Doha
Ota House Museum, Ota
Gunma Kokusai Academy, Ota
Space Block Nozawa, Tokyo
Toyo Ito Visiting Mihama Utase School
Mihama Utase Elementary School, Chiba
Jetty Cabin, Fujisawa
Housing, Tianjin
Project Murayama, Tokyo
University of Central Asia, Naryn Campus
Space Block Tainan, Tainan
Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture


Fluid direction by Kazuhiro Kojima

EAN 9788425221873

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