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  • 2G 57 NJIRIC+ ARHITEKTI - (.)
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Gustavo Gili
mai 2011
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In recent years the countries of the former Yugoslavia have experienced a fascinating cultural transformation that has also affected architecture. Efforts to assert new national identities through the construction of public buildings and institutional symbols for the young countries have led to great opportunities for architects.
Since it was founded in 2001 (following the split of the studio njiric+njiric), the work of the Croatian studio njiric+arhitekti, led by Hrvoje Njiric, has acted as a catalyst for Croatian architecture, as well as leading research into new types of public projects and housing.
This issue of 2G presents 17 works and projects at different scales developed mostly in Croatia. The selection includes everything from proposals for apartments (such as groups of homes in Markusevec and Graciano, both on the outskirts of Zagreb) and new typologies for kindergartens and primary schools (including the MB Nursery in Zagreb), to university buildings (Split Faculty of Law and Zadar University Library), a library in Rijeka, a stadium in Zagreb, a hotel on the Dalmatian coast, a site for gypsies, and a temporary pavilion in Zagreb.
The selection of works is preceded by two introductory texts written by Stephen Bates (from the British studio Sergison Bates) and Yoshiharu Tsukamoto (from the Japanese studio Atelier Bow-Wow). The nexus section includes 'Focus', a series of reflections by Hrvoje Njiric on the problems and challenges of contemporary architectural practice, followed by a fascinating discussion between Njiric and architect Juan Herreros of Madrid.
This issue of 2G also marks a new chapter in the magazine's history, with an expanded number of pages and more in-depth explanations of and information on the projects.

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Origins by Stephen Bates
The architecture of Njiric+ by Yoshiharu Tsukamoto
Works and projects
Housing in Gracani, Zagreb
Casa Granturismo, Silves
Cipea House, Nanjing
Asplund Library extension, Stockholm
Housing in Markusevec, Zagreb
Three kindergartens
Kindergarten MB, Zagreb
Horvati Experimental School, Zagreb
Gypsy settlement, Zagreb
Stadium, Zagreb
Hotel Superdalmatia, Ciovo
House T, Drnis
City Library, Rijeka
Wood kindergarten prototype
Law Faculty, Split
zg pavilion, Zagreb
Library Z, Zadar
The approach by Hrvoje Njiric
A conversation between cooks. Juan Herreros interviews Hrvoje Njiric