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Thirty pioneering houses designed by architects for themselves over the past decade, revealing the ingenious ways they have addressed the challenges of creating a contemporary living space. With projects from Australia to Austria, by architects Including Norman Foster and Jim Olsen and detailed in 400 photographs, line illustrations and plans.

Texts, images, sketches and plans are interwoven to illustrate houses that differ widely, in size, material, character and location. There are urban infills, rustic retreats, experiments, and fusions of new and old. They all make a statement, modest or ambitious, and each reflects the personality and tastes of its owner. These architects have accepted the challenge of doing something out of the ordinary, turning constraints to advantage. They give different answers to a crucial question: how can a house enrich lives and its surroundings? Spacious or frugal, refined or rough-edged, daring or reductive, these adventurous dwellings will inspire other architects and everyone who would like to design or commission a house that is one-of-a-kind.

Table of Contents

Introduction • Norman Foster • Buzz Yudell & Tina Beebe • Smiljan Radic • Richard Murphy
Jennifer Beningfield • Thom Mayne • John Wardle • Hans van Heeswijk • Anton García-Abril
& Débora Mesa • Todd Saunders • Jim Olson • Mauricio Pezo & Sofia von Ellrichshausen
Helle Schröder & Martin Janekovic • Peter & Thomas Gluck • Robert Konieczny • Scott
Johnson • José Selgas & Lucía Cano • Don Murphy • Andrea & Luca Ponsi • Cristián
Undurraga • Susanne Nobis • Remo Halter & Thomas Lussi • Ramon Bosch & Elisabeta
Capdeferro • Kulapat Yantrasast • Kerry Hill Maarten & Jetty Min • Brigitte Shim & Howard
Sutcliffe • Benny Govaert • Tod Williams & Billie Tsien • Günther Domenig