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Monographies d'architectes d'Europe de l'Ouest


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Code EAN 13 : 9780500285190

Thames & Hudson
December 30, 2004

In the avant-garde of digital architects, Rotterdam-based Lars Spuybroek and his studio NOX are among the few who have completed built projects. Before the advent of large-scale processing power, digital modeling, and computer-aided manufacturing, NOX's structures would have been unbuildable. Today, the work is taken seriously on an international scale as the possibilities for construction and spatial innovation attain new levels of feasibility.

Written and compiled largely by the architect, the book reveals the inspirations, insights, and techniques that allow him to conceive—and build—such experimental work. There is a complete documentation of NOX's oeuvre, including built and unbuilt work—some twenty-three projects in total; essays by leading critics Manual De Landa, Detlef Mertins, Andrew Benjamin, Brian Massumi, and Arjen Mulder ; and explanatory texts by Spuybroek that link the projects together.

Many of the illustrations in the book have been specially created, making accessible for the first time the complex strategies employed by Spuybroek. This in turn will make the publication an invaluable resource for both students and practicing designers.

392 p., 26 x 21 cm

EAN 9780500285190

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