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Monographies d'architectes d'Europe de l'Ouest


51.50 €

Code EAN 13 : 9783803007292
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24 x 30 cm

Monographie sur un architecte allemand pris dans la tourmente de l'histoire, illustrée de nombreux documents d'époque.

This richly illustrated monograph furnished with a works catalogue and commentary presents Paul Bonatz (1877–1956), one of the most influential architects and teachers of architecture in the 20th century, who left behind a multifaceted work between the Modern and tradition from the German Empire to the early Federal Republic of Germany. Bonatz also earned a reputation as a designer of technical buildings. His fruitful dialogue with engineers was the envy of other architects.
Bonatz was a liberal cosmopolitan, whose relationship to National Socialism was correspondingly reserved. However, he sought after state contracts in the 1930s, which he also received. Although as a bridge builder he held an influential position in the construction of the autobahns, he criticized Hitler’s gigantism and immigrated to Turkey in 1944, where he worked for ten years as an architect and college teacher. His most important building, the Stuttgart main rail station (1911–27), is in extreme danger in the framework of the "Stuttgart 21" project which involves the demolition of the wings.

Textes en Anglais et allemand

Paul Bonatz : Cosmopolitan in the rages of time
"Under the spell of Theodor Fischer" Paul Bonatz early succes
The Stuttgart main train station by Bonatz & Scholer
The Baghdad station : oriental elements in the Stuttgart railway station
Teaching and building : Bonatz and the Stuutgart school
Paul Bonatz as urban designer
Warmth, quiet, and feeling of home for house : Paul Bonatz's residential architecture, its precedents and their transformations
Expess the idea of enfineering as succinctly as possible : Paul Bonatz and engineering structures
Romanticism and classicism
Nation and construction : Bonatz in Spain
Paul Bonatz in Turkey

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