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TU Wien, Abteilung Wohnbau und Entwerfen - Cuno Brullmann (eds.)

The great majority of architectural productions attempt to satisfy our everyday needs and to maintain the status quo of this basic requirement, an effort which is generally dubbed the state of the art. But architects of all times have simultaneously attempted to leave these limitations behind them and to propose entirely innovative paths, challenging the status quo of their environments and creating something entirely new.

During the 1960s and 1970s in particular utopias served as a source of inspiration for many architects. In the following decades utopias continued to be a relevant issue in the humanities, but now tended to be pushed aside in architectural discourse. This volume sets out on a journey of discovery to find the contemporary role and possibilities offered by utopias.

_ study about utopia in architecture
_ interdisciplinary research approaches
_ richly illustrated
_ inspiring results
_ multilingual edition : français, english, deutsch