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Monographies d'architectes d'Europe de l'Ouest


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Code EAN 13 : 9783941263482
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27 x 20 cm

Thomas Schütte (born 1954 in Oldenburg), the artist living in Düsseldorf, came onto the art scene in the 1980s with drawings, water colours, stage-set and architectural models. In the 1990s, the artist expanded his work to include ceramic figures and monumental sculptures of bronze and steel. Installed on tables and trestles, the first scale models presented room to live and work. While the atelier houses reflect the artist’s own activity, the symbolic forms for bunkers, which reveal Schütte’s skeptical view of things and his black homour, offer security and a place of retreat. Twenty years later, Schütte once again took up imaginary model architecture. The result was light pavilions out of wood and leftovers from his atelier, commercial buildings like petrol stations or car parks, as well as concert halls and event locations. While the first models remain rooted in a fictional world, the models of the One Man Houses from 2003 on were converted into reality. In 2007 he built a house for two French collectors, in 2009 – following the Ferienhaus für Terroristen – a pavilionlike house with glass walls as a possible design for new architecture as well as an oppositional praxis in our society.
This publication provides a comprehensive survey of the architectural models from the first years to today’s design projects.

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